Wenzhou Airport Informational Guide to Wenzhou Longwan International Airport (WNZ) - Non Official

Wenzhou Airport Bus

From Wenzhou Airport, passengers will find the following bus options:


Line 41

From Wenzhou Airport to Sanqiaoxia. Service hours are from 5:40 to 19:00h. Frequency every 10 to 15 minutes. Fares between CNY 2 to 5. 

Line 71 

From Haibinyuan Starting Station to Sanqiaoxia, stops at the airport road intersection. Service hours are from 5:50h to 20:00h. Frequency every 15 minutes. Fares between CNY 2 to 6 

Line 73

From Wenzhou Airport to South Railway Station. Service hours from 5:50h and 20:00h. Frequency every 30 minutes. Fares between CNY 2 to 5. 

Line 10

From Wenzhou Airport to Yongzhong, Yongchang, Yongxing, Shacheng, Yongxing. Operates from 6:30h to 18:30. Fare is 3 yuans. 

Shuttle Bus

Civil Aviation Ticket Office

Close to Dynasty Hotel. It stops at Digital City, Shangdoumen and Chunhui Road. First service is at 5:10 and last one at 20:30. Frequency every 35 minutes. Fare is CNY 15. 

South Railway Station

 It takes 80 minutes to do the route. First route start at 10:00 until 19:00h. Fare is CNY 12. 

There are more routes available to and from Wenzhou Airport. 


From the airport there are several bus routes to Taishun Airport, Wenling Airport, Taizhou Airport, Lishui, Fuding, Ryan, among others. Distance differ. There are routes every day. The best option is to ask at the airport information counters.