Wenzhou Airport Informational Guide to Wenzhou Longwan International Airport (WNZ) - Non Official

Wenzhou Airport Taxi

At Wenzhou Airport passengers will find taxi options in Terminal 2.

taxi FARES

Here are the approximate fares to different places:

- To Wenzhou Railway Station: CNY 70-80. 30 minutes. 
- To South Railway Station: CNY 100-110. 40 minutes. 
- To Wenzhou Passengers Transport Center: CNY 90. 35 minutes. 
- To Jiangxinyu Island: CNY 100-120. 40 to 50 minutes. 

*take into consideration that fares may change. 


DiDi is available at Wenzhou Airport facilities. To ask for a car, passengers need to download the application on their smartphone.


If you want private transport from the airport to any destination you can book a transfer. 

Book a transfer